Injured at Work? 5 Reasons You Need a Lawyer on Your Side.

  1. From the moment you are injured, the employer has legal representation through their workers’ compensation insurance company…an attorney working on their side advising the employer about the employer’s best interest in your case. Where is your attorney? What are your rights? What’s in your best interest? These are not the questions the insurance company hired by your employer is hired to answer. You need your own attorney.
  2. There are time limits set on when you must notify your employer of the accident, obtain medical care, and even a time limit on filing your claim. If these legal time restraints are missed by you, you may lose the right to obtain benefits under the workers’ compensation system. Your attorney will advise you of these time limits in the law and monitor them closely to ensure you do not jeopardize your entitlement to benefits.
  3. There are time limits on the insurance company also that may be violated in your best interest. An attorney will investigate these time limits as you may be entitled to benefits even when the insurance company claims otherwise.
  4. You have been injured, the last thing you should be worried about is whether you are getting all your benefits under the law. Having an attorney ensures that your benefits are being sought, so you can focus on getting well.
  5. The threat of termination or termination based on a work injury is not permitted under the law, but employers sometimes find other reasons to hang their justification for a termination. An experienced attorney knows how to counter these unfortunate occurrences in order to stop them from occurring.