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Fantastic, informative, professional and knowledgeable. I would and will recommend them to any person in need of their services. I thank them for what they've done for me and will use them in the future when needed A+ and 5 stars.


-- Kelly Drummond

I can't explain how appreciative I am of all the effort and care Melissa put into helping me with my auto insurance case. She thoroughly explained every step of the process to me and kept me informed. I highly recommend the HLH team for the hard work, responsibility, and diligence they put into each and every case!

-- Jordan Hoffman

After a recent divorce, I needed help to put all my finances and medical requests in order. I did some research and eventually chose HLH law group, specifically Melissa to guide me through this complicated issue. From the beginning, she was so warm and understanding of all my concerns. She explained in great detail all my options in regard to my advanced directive, will and power of attorney. It was very reassuring to know she had my best interest at heart. I want to thank Melissa and the HLH law group team for their compassion and dedication to their job, especially in regard to such a delicate matter. I would not hesitate in recommending them for any of your legal issues.

-- Lorraine Gabay

I would not hesitate in recommending Melissa and Catherine and their law firm they are excellent at what they do they are down to earth and take the time to explain everything to you and this is the first lawyers that I've had a great outcome with . They both have beauty inside and out And would like to thank them and appreciate the help that they have given me thank you Melissa and Catherine.

-- Debbie Pedraza

Would highly recommend this law office. 10 out of 10 times! Personalized service, very friendly and easily accessible. Always available to answer questions. They made this experience simple and calmed my trepidation and fear. Had I went with a corporate large company it wouldn't have had any feel of intimacy. Settled very quickly, very efficiently, with the result of maximum policy being tendered. Thank you to you and all of your staff!!!!!!!

-- Rebecca Hadlock

HLH Law Group did an fantastic job handling my case! All of my questions were always answered quickly and by one of the actual attorneys! I would highly recommend reaching out to these ladies-they will take care of you and your family.

-- Mary Brady

Will get the job done.

-- Craig Mitchell

This group is trusting , kind, and knowledgeable! I highly recommend HLH Law Group to handle your needs! They were great at communicating with me and my case was handled swiftly and professionally.

-- Betsy Haskins

Melissa did a great job of taking the issues of my case and pursuing all courses of action on my behalf. At a time when I had many other issues that took up my time, the insurance claim that Melissa was handling for me was not a concern. Legal issues can wear a person down so having a professional handling my claim took the stress out of my life. Thanks!

-- Marty Lawton

Words cannot explain how I feel I was so thankful to coming across Melissa huge blessing to me helped me through the tragic time that I needed help walked me through every step was concerned about me was always checking on me let me know how my case was going and always very attentive me. So thankful to have Malissa on our side in those difficult times in need of not knowing where to go what to do but she was there always answering the phone when I needed her for any questions I needed to know always responded right back I love that. She is a great lawyer I've had she's such a wonderful person. Always very concerned about you and your family and your progression. She is a fighter she will fight for you and she will get things done. She is someone you want on your side. So thankful for Malissa Bray and her team HLH Law Group.

-- Griselle Alcaraz

Melissa Hemmert rapresented me in a car accident case and I highly recommend her. She is very professional, compassionate and very knowledgeable.
She was patient and obtained a great settlement for me.

-- Beatrice Hoffman

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