Why HLH Law Group?

Local Law Firm or Big Business?


Melissa Hemmert and Catherine Little-Hunt are the founders of HLH Law Group in Naples, Florida where they are personally involved in every client’s case and directly available to their clients seven days a week. As residents of Naples, Hemmert and Little-Hunt are raising their children and actively participating in the vibrant growth of Collier County, both as vocal parents within the school district, as well as advocates for local charitable organizations. After having practiced for over twenty years in various states, including Florida, these local attorneys are seeing a change in the practice of law from the local firm with a shingle out-front, to a big business industry disguising itself as “local”.


Why HLH Law Group is the Better Choice in Collier County.


According to Hemmert and Little-Hunt, national corporate law firms have gradually moved away from solely defending the wealthy, to now claiming to be advocates for the underdog, such as the working man and the single mom injured in an accident. Although there is no question that good attorneys can be hired by large national law firms, the misleading marketing by these firms that their founders are local and available to their clients fosters great concern for Hemmert and Little-Hunt, who actually are local attorneys, who value the client-attorney relationship as a personal bond secured by a hand shake which should never be replaced by big business profit.


Far too often, clients will come to HLH Law Group feeling misled or abandoned by their prior big firm representation. HLH clients have often commented on how they were rarely able to speak to an attorney directly at the big firm that previously represented them, or how they were required to make appointments weeks away just to ask their former big firm attorney a simple question. Hemmert and Little-Hunt started HLH Law Group to combat against this big corporate infiltration and preserve the importance of the local law firm for their injured residents. Hemmert and Little-Hunt pride themselves on their open availability for their clients and their willingness to be present for their clients from the initial free consultation through to the resolution of a case. If you have been injured and need an attorney who will be available to you when you need them, call HLH Law Group and ask for Attorney Melissa Hemmert or Dr. Little-Hunt to meet with you personally. Unlike the big firms, they won’t need to get on a plane, they are already here and ready.