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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know what sort of estate plan that I need to protect my family?

This information is intended to give a basic understanding of estate planning, but it cannot substitute for a thorough review with an HLH estate planning attorney. A revocable trust is implemented as part of an overall estate plan. HLH attorneys assist clients with decisions surrounding the funding of the trust and transfers to the trust, as well as performing periodic annual reviews of the trust. Tax considerations should be discussed with qualified professionals. A revocable trust can help accomplish family, economic, and tax goals when properly prepared and implemented.

Is a life insurance program a substitute for a will?

No. Life insurance is only one kind of property that a person may own and it is governed by the terms of the contract and designated beneficiary (ies) are stipulated in the terms of the agreement. In contrast, a will is necessary to dispose of other assets that a person owns at death. If a life insurance policy is payable to an individual, the will of the insured has no effect on the proceeds. If the policy is payable to the estate of the insured, the disposition of the proceeds may be directed by the will. Life insurance can be useful in providing cash at death for payment of taxes and expenses, but like most strategies for insurance, the careful person will consult a lawyer, a life insurance counselor, and a financial advisor. Mistakes in ownership and beneficiary designations in these policies can cause great increases in estate taxes owed.

Who may act as trustee or successor trustee?

The choice of a trustee is extremely important and may have tax consequences. You can name almost anyone as your trustee. You can name yourself or any other individual (subject to tax considerations), or a corporate trustee, such as a bank or trust company. The individual trustee can be a family member, friend or professional advisor. Many individuals appoint family members or friends as successor trustee, to assume responsibility for the trust management and distribution after their death. When a family member or friend is chosen, consideration must be given to the person's qualifications, the potential for friction with other beneficiaries, and the potential burden you are placing on that individual. The trust agreement should allow these individuals to hire qualified professionals to assist them in their duties, such as attorneys, accountants and financial advisors.

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