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The attorneys at HLH Law Group have extensive experience in representing injured workers. The Florida workers' compensation system can be complex and often frustrating to navigate. Whether recently injured, currently receiving benefits, or being denied medical care or lost wages, HLH attorneys are available for a FREE consultation.

In many cases, a vehicle accident can also be a worker's compensation claim resulting in all medical care being paid fully by the workers compensation insurance.

As experienced workers' compensation attorneys in Naples, FL, Catherine Little-Hunt or Melissa Hemmert are available at no cost to discuss the benefits you are entitled to under the law and answer any concerns. There is a statute of limitations which prevents worker's compensation claims from being filed if not submitted timely. Do not delay in seeking legal help.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When should I report my injury to the employer?

You should report it as soon as possible but no later than thirty (30) days or your claim may be denied. For this reason, it is very important that you reach out to HLH Law Group as soon as possible to secure your rights.

When should my employer report the injury to their insurance company?

Your employer should report the injury as soon as possible, but no later than seven (7) days after their knowledge. The insurance company must send you an informational brochure within three (3) days after receiving notice from your employer. The brochure will explain your rights and responsibilities, as well as provide additional information about the workers' compensation law.

Have you received your brochure yet? Do you need one of our attorneys to go through the brochure with you and help you understand your rights? HLH Law Group attorneys are happy to meet with you for a FREE consultation, please contact us.

My employer will not report my injury to the insurance company. What can I do?

You have the right to report the injury directly to the employer's insurance company. HLH Law Group can help with this process and make sure you get heard and obtain the benefits you are entitled to under the law.

What kind of medical treatment can I get?

The medical provider, authorized by your employer or the insurance company, will provide the necessary medical care, treatment and prescriptions related to your injury. Come meet with an experienced HLH Law Group attorney so the recommendations of your physicians can be reviewed and we can confirm that you are receiving all the medical treatment for which you are entitled under the law.

Do I have to pay any of my medical bills?

No, all authorized medical bills should be submitted by the medical provider to your employer's insurance company for payment. The HLH Law Group legal staff will make sure all invoices for medical services are provided appropriately to the necessary parties and advocate on your behalf to obtain full payment of the medical bills as required under the law.

When will I get my first check?

You should receive the first check within 21 days after reporting your injury to your employer. If you have not received a check within this time period, please contact HLH Law Group so we can work with you on whether a check was to be received or not.

Can I receive social security benefits and workers' compensation benefits at the same time?

Yes. However, an offset, or reduction in your workers' compensation check may be applied because the law states that the two combined may not exceed 80 percent of your average weekly wage earned prior to your injury. For further information on Social Security, you may contact the Social Security Administration at (800) 772-1213 or visit their website at

Can I receive reemployment assistance and workers' compensation benefits at the same time?

No, not if you are receiving temporary total or permanent total disability benefits as you must be medically able and available for work to qualify for unemployment. For additional information on Reemployment Assistance, you may want to utilize the Reemployment Assistance website at:

If I am unable to return to work until my doctor releases me, does my employer have to hold my job for me?

No, there is no provision in the law that requires your employer to hold the job open for you. It is against the law, however, for your employer to fire you because you have filed or attempted to file a workers' compensation claim.

If you have been fired, please call HLH Law Group at once so we can review your workers' compensation claim for potential damages owed to you.

If I am unable to return to the type of work I did before I was injured, what can I do?

If eligible, the law provides, at no cost to you, reemployment services to help you return to work. Services may include vocational counseling, transferable skills analysis, job-seeking skills, job placement, on-the-job training, and formal retraining.

My employer and the insurance company have denied my claim for workers' compensation benefits. Do I need legal representation to get my benefits? What should I do?

It is your decision whether to hire an attorney. However, our legal team can further assist you in completing and filing a Petition for Benefits to bring your dispute before a Judge of Compensation Claims. This service is provided at no cost to you.

Is there a period of time after which my claim is no longer open?

If you were injured on or after January 1, 1994, the claim is closed two (2) years from the date of accident, or one (1) year from the date of your last medical treatment or payment of compensation, whichever is later. HLH Law Group attorneys have however been successful in obtaining benefits for injured workers even after a statute of limitation has run in that certain circumstances can give rise to an extension. For this reason, call HLH Law Group for a free consultation even if you think your accident date is no longer covered.

Can I get a settlement from my claim?

Settlements may be made under certain circumstances and are voluntary; not automatic or mandatory. If a client seeks settlement, HLH Law Group attorneys will rely upon their experience in the field of workers' compensation and knowledge of the law to help negotiate that settlement with the insurance carrier.

What can I do when it is difficult to get a prescription filled or I am having problems with the pharmacy where I get my workers' compensation medication?

In Florida, an injured worker has the right to select a pharmacy or pharmacist. Florida law prohibits interference with your right to choose a pharmacy or pharmacist. However, a pharmacy is not required to participate in the workers' compensation program. If at any time, you become dissatisfied with your pharmacy or pharmacist's services, you can seek another pharmacy to fill your prescriptions. Our legal team can assist you in this selection process if you are having difficulty.

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Types of workplace injuries

Workers' compensation covers a wide range of workplace injuries. If you're injured on company property or while performing work-related tasks, you could be compensated for your injuries. HLH Law Group has a team of attorneys in Naples, Florida to help you through this process.

You should speak with a workers' compensation attorney if...

The equipment you're using malfunctions.
You're in an accident in a company car.
You slip and fall on company property.

A workers' compensation attorney at HLH Law Group can help you file the necessary paperwork and stand up for you in court.

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